About Our Company & Our Specialist R & D Tax Advisers

RDTAXCredit.org.uk is a leading Research and Development Tax Relief specialist based in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

We consider ourselves to be a boutique practice with the ability to serve our clients throughout the whole of the UK. We operate in all sectors involved in research and development including,

  • Audio & Visual,
  • Building Technologies
  • Commercial Printing
  • Design & Media
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Motor Racing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Software Development
  • Technology
  • Telecoms
  • Web Development

There are many companies offering similar services to us, perhaps your existing accountant has been assisting you apply for tax relief or maybe you have been attempting to do the claim in-house; with this in mind, the reasons below explain why you should choose us as your preferred R & D Tax Relief partner.


Our Approach

We minimise the time it takes to review your potential claim.

Typically we would only need to see you for between 2 to 4 hours, subject to the complexity of your claim. We can come to you or you can attend a meeting at either of our offices in Manchester, London or Birmingham.

We take a no-nonsense approach and our rates for successful claims is extremely competitive.

Each claim is rigorously checked for accuracy by our internal industry experts and senior tax experts and with our proven and highly successful methodology which maintains our 100% claim success rate in clients submissions.

More often than not, we are asked to review previous claims made and in most cases we are able to identify mistakes immediately, correct them and re-adjust past claims with HMRC. Where possible we are able to find away to make the mistake a painless one to fix ensuring both the client and HMRC are happy with the remedy proposed.

This gives our clients full peace of mind moving forward.

With RDTaxCredit.org.uk, it is all about building long term relationships.


Our Ethos

We specialise in R & D Tax Relief. We are not a Swiss-Army knife for companies offering all sorts of other accountancy services.

We are extremely proud of the high levels of expertise we offer each and every one of our clients.

No matter the size of your claim, every client is equally important to us and receives the following standards of practice:

  1. A commitment to quality.
  2. Added value.
  3. 100% transparency.
  4. A streamlined process.
  5. A tailored service.
  6. A no-nonsense approach to R & D tax relief.


The Team

As mentioned previously, R & D Tax Relief is the only service we offer and by utilising a laser guided focus on one speciality, it makes us highly expertise and efficient.

Every team member is a certified accountant with a deep understanding about the R & D tax relief scheme.

Our senior team members range from ex KPMG and PwC accountants to senior bankers and IT specialists.

Our broad range of experiences gives us a unique ability to understand every type of business from every perspective.

The team has delivered high value claims in all industries where Research and Development applies and have done so since the inception of R & D Tax Relief way back in the year 2000.


Results Focused

Our R & D Tax Relief specialists have built up an outstanding working relationship with the R & D department within HMRC.

Since our incorporation, we are proud to say we have achieved a 100% success rate, resulting in significant levels of savings in the form of tax credits for our clients.

More often than not, if we are requested to takeover claims from other tax specialists, or those who have tried to do the claims themselves, we have achieved in excess of a 350% increase in claim values.

In some instances however, upon reviewing some past claims made by others, we have discovered claim values that have been too high. This is equally more important and emphasises why the claim MUST be calculated correctly in the first instance.

We trust the reasons mentioned give you complete faith in our abilities to assist you with your next R & D Tax Relief claim.

Getting in touch is simple. Either call us on 0161 531 5152 or complete the quick enquiry form here.

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing. We will make the process from start to finish painless.