The Research and Development Tax Relief Claims Process..

Depending on the entity we are dealing with, the claims process may be slightly different.

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R & D Tax Relief claims are handled by HMRC.

The claim starts with a complete review of your accounts to calculate your potential claim.

The actual relief is applied for by completing a section within your CT600 which is your Company Tax Return.  If the Company Tax Return has already been submitted it is possible to file an Amended Company Tax Return.

How Far Can I Go Back?

It is possible for us to go back 2 accounting periods. Albeit we recommend that a report is produced fully justifying the technical advances made and the reasons for the retrospective claim.

How Long Does It Take?

Providing the R & D Tax Relief claim contains all supporting evidence, once submitted to HMRC, they will usually process the claim within 4 to 6 weeks.

HMRC give priority to claims that result in a tax credit payable. The good news is that HMRC has an internal target to hit and therefore processes these claims within 28 days. This is subject to any enquiries being raised.

Will I Get An Inspection?

Most first time claims  are  looked at by an Inspector from a specialist HMRC R&D unit.

At we will always submit a full detailed report, sufficient detail. This will reduce the chances or any enquiries being raised, albeit even this does not guarantee a smooth claim first time round. The important thing to consider is that we have an excellent working dialogue with HMRC ensuring any enquiries raised are answered swiftly and correctly.

Large Company

The R & D Expenditure Credit was introduced on the 1st April 2013 and replaced the original Large Company scheme entirely on 1st April 2016.

The main difference between the RDEC and the Large Company scheme is that the RDEC allows a loss making company to receive a payable tax credit.

More details on RDEC and how to claim can be found by clicking here.

General Tax Adviser or Accountant

We are keen on partnering with general tax advisers or accountants offering specialist R & D Tax Relief advice to their clients.

We are happy to work in this instance and our track record of long term relationships speaks volumes.

Please call us today to discover how we can compliment your existing service provisions.

Further information on the claims process can be found on the government websites below.

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