R & D Grants

What Are R&D Grants?

R&D Grants can offer your company a great source of funding to assist with your research and development.

Discover how RDTaxCredit.org.uk can assist with R&D grant applications to ensure you get the best funding possible, quickly and efficiently.

Applying for R&D Grants is extremely competitive.  To ensure your application has the best chance of securing funding it must reach the highest of quality standards ensuring all boxes are ticked.

There are many sources of grants available. Thats why we have have put together an R&D grant directory. The directory also contains general business grants and its a valuable resource for UK businesses.

Before you apply for any of the R&D grants available, your application MUST describe the technological benefits to the public and your industry. Projects that are deemed risky for private funding often get looked at more favourably.

What Makes An R&D Grant Successful?

Clearly and thoroughly articulates the business opportunity of the project – the project’s resulting products, processes, or services should have a growth impact for your business and lead to a significant return on investment (ROI).

Explains why your business is more likely to succeed with this innovation than a competitor would.

Demonstrates a clear understanding of the target markets, including potentially competing products and your concept for commercialisation.

Shows why your proposed product, process, or service is a radically new application that produces a step change impact.

Who Evaluates the R&D Grant Application?

Applications for R&D grants are usually examined by independent experts in the area of innovation identified in the application. The number of experts scoring the application depend on the grant awarding body.

How long does it take to receive a decision?

R&D grants have an awarding body and their own timelines for providing feedback and a decision on funding.

What Happens After the R&D Grant is Approved?

If your application is successful, you will need to provide the information required by the grant awarding body, which may include further documentation and financial checks. Depending on the awarding body, you may be assigned a monitoring officer.

Funding is generally paid in arrears, once the required audits and reports are complete. Each grant awarding body has its own payment rules.

How RDTaxCredit.org.uk Can Help

RDTaxCredit.org.uk have an enviable track record with R&D grant applications. Using our grant application services can give you a significant competitive advantage over other grant applicants.

The R&D grant Application Process

  • We assess your chances of success

    Stage 1

  • We write your R&D Grant application

    Stage 2

    We write your R&D Grant application

  • Your financial plan is prepared by us

    Stage 3

  • Your grant application is submitted

    Stage 4

    Your grant application is submitted

  • We help to ensure to comply with the R&D Grant conditions

    Stage 5

The R&D Grant application in more detail

Project Assessment – Our specialist consultants discuss all the relevant technical, commercial and financial details of your R&D project with you and assess your chances of success.

Workshop Session – We will take you through a workshop session so that we fully understand your project in terms of the technical problems and solution, commercial opportunities, market dynamics, project team and financial projections.

Grant Writing – We research, prepare, and write an award winning R&D grant application for your review and approval.

Submission and Feedback – We complete the on-line registration process and submit the web-based grant application on your behalf.

Grant assessors provide feedback on both successful and unsuccessful grant applications, and we review this feedback with you to give you on-going advice and guidance.

Compliance and Monitoring – When your grant application is approved, we help you comply with all requests from the grant body’s monitoring officers.

It is also possible to claim R&D Tax relief for grant funded projects under the Large Company and RDEC (Research and Development Expenditure Credit) Scheme. RDTaxCredit.org.uk can help you navigate through this process so that you can claim your full entitlement to public funding.

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