CFQuickdocs is an example of software which benefits from R & D Tax Relief.

If you’re a web development or software development company in the UK, the chance are that you have heard of Coldfusion.

If your company is involved software development and you spend money on developing new products or services or enhance existing ones, you could be eligible for a corporation tax reduction or even a cash payment back off HMRC.

Research and Development Tax Credits for software companies are the equivalent rebate of 33pence for every £1 spend on qualifying expenditure.

ColdFusion software was created by J.J. Allaire way back in 1995 and is a commercial web development application sometimes know as CFML.

Due to continuous R & D (Research and Development), this programming language has eveloved into a world recognised platform for making complex and difficult tasks much easier.

Coldfusion was originally designed to make the connection between a database and HTML pages much easier to program.

In 1996, due to research and development it became more than just a connection. It became a full platform including full scripting language and an IDE.

ColdFusion programming software is built on Java software. It also uses the Apache Tomcat J2EE container.

Are you company that works with software or computer programming languages?

You could benefit from big savings by way of government tax relief.

These could improve improvements to a software program which typically involves alterations that optimize the functions of the software.

Tax relief can also be claimed if you are developing or improving software for devices that already have pre-installed Operating systems like mobile phones and tablets among others.

Perhaps your company is inventing software for industrial purposes such as control systems that deal with everything from data acquisition to supervision.

Other R & D Tax Relief claims include:

Developing algorithms and applications, network engineering and coding aimed at implementing a system.

Customising software for use by a third party; this may be done by web developer and software consultant companies among others.

Developing new application software or new operating systems.

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